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Does your child have crooked teeth?

Do you want your child to grow properly, have straighter teeth and better looking faces NATURALLY? 

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We Offer a Natural Way to Straighten Teeth



你好,我是吴医生(Dr. Cecilia Ng)。我相信每个孩子都应该拥有一个良好的健康开始,而Myobrace可以帮助我们实现这一目标:

·         解决牙齿歪斜的真正原因

·         早在4-5岁便开始治疗

·         优化孩子的成长潜力

·         拥有更漂亮的面容

·         健康的下颌发育

·         自然地排齐牙齿, 避免昂贵的传统牙套疗法和痛苦地拔牙

·         可以改善多动症和睡眠

Myobrace -更先进,更有效,更自然的疗法


The Myobrace Treatment System is a modern orthodontic solution.  It is most suitable for children while they are still growing, best between the ages 5-15.  It addresses the real cause of crooked teeth and helps the child grow properly as nature intended and without braces,  The result is a lifetime of good health and a great smile.

See What Our Parents Have to Say

“My daughter Selina used to have many nightmares and would wake me up many times most nights.  I was skeptical about this treatment initially but soon I was overjoyed.  Not only was her underbite corrected, her sleep also improved and her nightmares stopped.  It is amazing!  I now understand the causes of crooked teeth are the same causes of many other childhood problems.

Mr. Q

“I was told my son Eric needed to have four teeth extracted and braces put on.  Luckily I found Dr. Ng.  At the end of treatment, he looks so much better,  But more important than that, I am so grateful, by helping his jaws grow better instead of pulling out teeth, Dr. Ng helped Eric breathe better.  His snoring went away. He slept better and his school work improved.    

Mrs. K

“My son Warren was a challenge to work with.  He would forget to wear the Myobrace and do the activities.  However, Dr. Ng and her team are just wonderful.  They were always supportive and tried tirelessly to motiviate Warrren.  Warren really like them.  After 10 months, everyone's hard work paid off.   We saw a huge improvement. We are estatic! ”

Mrs. C
WC before treatment
WC 10 months after treatment


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